The residential electricians at Pace Electrical Contractors, Inc. specialize in all aspects of electrical home wiring:  new construction, home remodeling and additions, panel upgrades, etc.

We Specialize in Older Homes: Early twentieth century homes are plentiful in the Savannah area. The Pace Electric Team has expansive experience working with these older electrical systems and has mastered the skill required to fish wires through lathe and plaster walls. We will methodically work through your home to minimize damage and visibility of our work and renovations on the job, leaving your home feeling safe and undisturbed.

Knob and Tube Rewiring or Replacement: If you are the owner of one of these older homes, you most likely still have Knob and Tube or “Open” wiring throughout your home.  Although it is outdated, this form of wiring can still be safe and functional. However, with current technological advances and electrical usage it is recommended to most homeowners considering renovations to rewire their home for a grounded electrical system with dedicated circuits.

Circuit Breaker and Panel Repairs: Is your electrical panel box old and outdated?  Do your lights dim when you plug in a large appliance such as a vacuum cleaner?  Does your electrical panel make a crackling sound?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this may be a warning sign that your electrical panel or your fuse box needs to be replaced.  Whether you need to upgrade that outdated panel you have operating your homes electrical system, or you are expanding the power supply in your home, Pace Electric is your residential electrician of choice.  All electrical panel changes and upgrades are done strictly by permit.

Generators: Home generators are designed to provide electricity in times of power outages or utility company malfunctions.  They not only provide lighting for the house in case of power outages but also provide power to running appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators.

Troubleshooting: Are your lights flickering?  Do you have some switches that are humming?  Have you lost power in part of your home? Any electrical problems you seem to be facing can be solved. Let Pace Electric help you quickly and safely troubleshoot your electrical system to find and repair them before they become an annoyance or hazard.